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Ignition Transformers for Oil and Gas Burners.

Ignition transformers for oil & gas burners

If you are looking for an ignition transformer for a gas or oil burner, Duomo stock a wide range to suit your need. We have transformers with varying current and power outputs, including the following models;

TRS Series Ignition Transformers TRK Series Ignition Transformers

Series E transformers are the smallest in the range. It achieves the same ignition features of some medium-size transformers at a remarkably lower price.

Series S are a medium-size conventional transformer, suitable for all kinds of gas and oil burners, where continuous or intermittent power and achievement of higher voltages and currents are required. This range is available in a great number of variations. It suits very different uses such as burners, high-pressure cleaners, anti-mosquito electric equipment and ionizers.

Series G are a large-size conventional transformer, suitable for large-flow and heavy fuel burners, where continuous power and higher voltages or currents are required. The versions of this range are suitable for use in large-size transformers and industrial high-pressure cleaners.

Series TRK transformers are produced with the electronic technology of high-frequency oscillation applied to a vacuum impregnated step-up coil. The features of this transformer make it suitable for gas and oil burners where continuous power and size and weight that is less than conventional inductive transformers are required.

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